Sunday, March 31, 2013

Since I've Been Gone

You know when you want to start over with new people and have new relationships and dress with new clothes with a sprinkle of new jewelry and maybe paired with some new shoes? That's me right now. Well, maybe not the new clothes...or jewelry...or shoes...and not even really with the people or relationships, but kind of.

I'd like to think I'm starting over since I'm going back to school in the fall. I've only been away a semester - technically only three months at the moment - but I just need some kind of social life again. I need some kind of interaction with people who aren't my parents, you know? And I need to move around. I've definitely gained weight since I left school because I've literally just been sitting at home on the computer doing my schoolwork. It's a pain in my butt, which is getting bigger by the day.

I thought taking a leave of absence from school for a year was the right thing to do. I just got signed to a girl group called Girl Radical, created by JC Chasez from NSync and Grammy-award winning songwriter and producer Jimmy Harry. It sounds really exciting, and it is, but I'm just an impatient person and I want it to move faster. Or maybe it's just because I'm Asian. We made a music video for our first single, and that should be coming out this month, as in April. Fingers crossed all goes well with the group!

But I didn't lose too much with me leaving school. I went back into the acting world, and I booked my first audition of the new year, which was for a Target commercial featuring Justin Timberlake's new album, The 20/20 Experience. You might have seen it. It's got quite the buzz going around. And to erase everyone's doubts, those reactions were completely REAL. None of us had any idea he was going to be there. In fact, they straight out lied to us when we asked if he was going to be there. But there he was. And he touched me. Yes, he put his arm around me. I need to frame that blazer. Good thing it's mine. Haha. You can watch the commercial below. I'm the one and very apparent Asian in the video.

It was an open call, so there were tons of people who auditioned. It was so surreal when I got the job. I didn't think I'd actually get it, but I guess I was the crazy teenage fanatic that they were looking for. They didn't show it....anywhere....but when Justin put his arm around me, I had my initial reaction, which was "Oh, my gosh!" while pulling away, and then - the part they didn't show - I literally ran to the edge of the stage and just stared at him from afar. And when he asked me if I wanted to sing with him, I stupidly shook my head "no." I definitely wasn't thinking. In fact, I was crying. Yes, really. You would have, too, if you were there. Trust me.

When I finally went back to him, we officially met and shook hands and then I said "My friends are gonna hate me" and he hugged me as I continually wept, uncontrollably. And Justin, being the amazing actor that he is, took that cue to "cry" with me. I laughed, but I was still speechless and in shock because of the fact that I was in the presence of a music legend, nonetheless hugging him....and crying with him.

AND THEN I said the most embarrassing thing ever. I asked him "Is Jessica gonna hate me?" And he said "What? Why?" And I stupidly and idiotically said "Cuz I'm touching you." How much more embarrassing and stupid could I have gotten? I think I was high....I mean, adrenaline really is a powerful drug. Anyways, he called cut as soon as I said that, and I don't blame him. I would be creeped out by me, too, had I been in his position. That is what I, and the rest of my Radical Sisters, like to call a "Meegs Moment." Looking back on it, it was quite possibly the most embarrassing moment of my life.

I'm very lucky and fortunate and grateful to have had that opportunity, though. And to add on top of the awesomeness of being in a commercial for Target and with Justin Timberlake, Target gave me two VIP tickets to Justin Timberlake's CD Launch Party at the El Rey Theatre!

I took my mom and got to enjoy the entire show front and center. I was up against the stage and only a foot away from Justin himself. It was so cool to be able to go see him live and to see all my friends from the commercial again! I was even on TV during the CW special of his party, which you can watch below! I think I counted myself four times, the first one being me fanning myself like the obsessed fan that I am during his performance of Mirrors.

I walked away that night with his deluxe album, a poster, a JT lipstick, JT (Target microphone) cuff links, a JT bow tie, and a JT handkerchief....thing. I really can't complain about my life right now. It's pretty darn awesome, and hopefully it will only get better.

*Red dress by Pia Gladys Perey, courtesy of Haus of Chic