Monday, April 29, 2013

Glam Time!

Lights! Camera! GLAM TIME!!!

It's practically every girl's dream to get her hair and make-up did, wear the cutest outfits, and then have the fan blowing at her face while she dances and poses in front of the camera. Well, for 12 girls, this dream came true!

Girl Radical just had a fabulous photo shoot that was filled with fun and sophistication. We had two looks; the first one being fun and bubbly and the second look being sophisticated and sexy. We had a great stylist named Jana and we got to wear some of the cutest clothes from Iron Fist Clothing and Living Doll LA. And we had fabulous make-up artists and hair stylists. Everyone looked amazing.

I carpooled with Jessica Radical since we live really close to each other, and we got there super early. I guess we were just really excited. But when we got there, the show had already started and other girls were coming in. We went straight into hair and make-up!

Once we were ready with our awesome outfits, we took individual photos, coupled photos, and then group photos. We also had a small behind-the-scenes crew recording everything we did, and I mean EVERYTHING. I think he may have even gotten Aniyah Radical teaching me and Julie Radical how to booty pop....






Anyways, we had tons of fun, and I can't wait to see and show everyone the amazing photos and videos we have!

Watch out cuz Girl Radical is coming for you!

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