Thursday, June 20, 2013

Earning Our Place

Don't get me wrong! (Don't get me wrong)
Don't get me wrong! (Don't get me wrong)
No, we won't release our single to just anyone!
Don't get me wrong! (Don't get me wrong)
All I'm trying to say is to be patient, be patient. It's coming soon!

Good news, everyone! Girl Radical is shooting to release our first single and have it on the radio by August! Woooo! Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well!

I just want it to randomly come on the radio while I'm driving on PCH, so that I can roll down my windows, turn up the stereo, and make people think I'm crazy as I lose control and start screaming and then slowly come back to reality as I start singing the words and dancing to the song as tears of joy stream down my face. It will be a happy day.

For now, though, us girls are working hard to earn our place in the industry. We've all been recording covers, and the song I'm doing is Miley Cyrus's We Can't Stop! I loved the song the moment I heard it on the radio, and I knew I wanted to do a version of it. Well, I went in the studio, recorded it, and then made a music video for it this past week!

I called in all my friends for the video, including my bboys, my hip-hoppers, and my cooks, and my radical sisters, of course! This is the first ever video that I all at once directed, produced, choreographed, starred in, and edited, and it was the best experience ever! Super stressful, but still awesome! The estimated release date of it will be in about two weeks!

Here are some stills to give you an idea of what to expect!

Girl Radical has also been doing a lot of interviews lately, and it's been super exciting to know that we're moving and getting the word out there. We're on our way to conquering the world, y'all!

Pynk Celebrity

Today, we did an interview for Shockbox TV and it was tons of fun! And afterwards, Kota decided to make a vlog. BEWARE: We are crazy. And please don't mind my boy craziness....however, that is the real me. Lol.

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