Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I'm in Japan!

I’m in Japan, trick!

If you haven’t been keeping up with my tweets, vine videos, and/or instagram pictures (which shouldn’t be the case), I’m in Japan!!! I’m here spending quality time with my fam bam! My little sister, my aunt, and my two cousins came from Indonesia, and me, my mom, and my gramps came from the states. We all met in the middle to get that bonding time we’ve all been so deprived of for the past - oh, I don’t know - 18 YEARS?! (My whole life....in case you don’t know how old I am)


I haven't seen my sister for a year now, and last year, she was about my height. Turns out my 14 year old sister, Veeghan, is a lot taller than me now, as well as my cousin, Marvin, who is two months younger than me. The only person that's shorter than me now is my 11 year old cousin, Gaby. It's so unfair. I used to be tallest. 

So far, I LOVE JAPAN. I’ve learned a lot of things since I’ve been here, but one of my favorite things about Japan is how active everyone is. I used to think the Japanese people were thin from genetics (which still might be true), but they’re so active here! They walk everywhere. Even when using the subways, which is the case for many, MANY people here, there are so many stairs and so much walking in between different lines, if switching lines is necessary. 

The subways are insanely popular here, and surprisingly very organized. I wonder if New York’s subways are anything like this. I mean, every single morning from 7 AM to 9:30 AM, the subways are filled with the hustle and bustle of people going to work....but the hustle and bustle doesn’t include talking because no one here talks on the subway. They just listen to their music through their earphones or play games on their phones. It’s hilarious. 

The people here are also quite aggressive when it comes to getting on the subway. People push to fit inside, and I guess everyone is kinda used to the pushing and shoving because no one says anything about it when it happens except the tourists, which would be me and my family. I've taken the subway in LA before, but using this subway system to get around everyday is completely different. However, to be fair, the women get their own carts, which are the first four carts. It literally says “Women Only,” and applies for the busy hours.

If you ever decide to go to Japan, I recommend using the subway. Not just to experience this craziness I just described, but because it's the most economical way of transportation. 

Also, all the men here dress the same:

So today, I went to Tokyo Disneyland! Wooo! Besides the insane amount of walking that was added on top of the walking to and from the subway stations, it was a great day. First off, there's a DisneyLAND and a DisneySEA. However, today, we only went to DisneyLAND. Tomorrow and the day after will be our days of exploring the amazing DisneySEA.

I think the only difference between the Disneyland in Tokyo and the Disneyland in Anaheim, California is the location. Seriously, Tokyo Disneyland is exactly the same as the Disneyland in Anaheim, except maybe it's a little smaller and has less attractions. It's still just cool to say I went to Tokyo Disneyland, though.

Now, the theme parks are very similar, but the people inside the theme parks are very different. I know that people dress up to go to any Disneyland theme park, but it’s a whole different story at Tokyo Disneyland. People here come in pairs or groups and dress EXACTLY the same. They have the same hair style, they wear the same shirt, they wear the same shorts, and they wear the same mouse ears. I’ve never seen so many people wearing matching outfits in my life. To be honest, I've always kinda wanted to do this with my friends.....but they think it's embarrassing. So TO MY FRIENDS: WHATEVER.



There’s also the food, which isn’t out of the ordinary except for the popcorn:


All in all, though, the awesomeness outranked the weirdness because I had such an awesome time with my family! Can’t wait to conquer DisneySEA the next two days! Make sure to keep up with me on twitter (@meeghanradical), instagram (@meeghanhenry), and vine (@meeghanhenry)!


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