Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I'm Just A Girl

All you people look at me like I'm a little girl. Well, did you ever think it'd be alright for me to step into this world?

Sound familiar? One of my all time favorite Britney songs....or just all time favorite songs. That's gonna be my next cover.

Speaking of covers, I just put out a cover of my own a couple days ago. It's one of my top summer jams at the moment, and it's called We Can't Stop by Miley Cyrus! I've loved Miley from the Hannah Montana days, and she might have gone a little overboard with her new look, but I still love her music :) Made my own version:

Doing covers is one of my favorite things because you get to take a song you love and make it your own. You can portray your own style and do all sorts of stuff with it.

Well, Girl Radical just did a cover, and we just made a music video to it! If you haven't guessed from the title yet, we covered Just A Girl by No Doubt. When JC and Jimmy first brought it up, I was, like, "I'm sorry, what song?" Haha. It's as old as I am, but I recognized it and loved it the second I heard it.

We actually recorded the cover a while ago - same time we recorded Don't Get Me Wrong and....other stuff ;) But we decided it was finally time to put some vision to the noise.

The shoot was so much fun! We all got to dress up and just be ourselves. We shot it in front of a white wall, so we got to be as creative and funny and silly as we wanted to be. It was great! Here are some shots to give you a sneak peak:






Stay tuned for the release of the video!

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