Monday, October 28, 2013

Let's Celebrate

It was a sad day when I lost my mom, but my mom did not live a sad life. In fact, she lived a full life, and she did everything she wanted to do. She may have worked hard, but she most certainly played hard, too. She traveled, went out with me, and said everything she wanted to say. So it was only right to celebrate her life instead of mourn it.

When I first wanted to plan this celebration of life, I thought I could have it at my house. There probably wouldn't be more than 100 people. So, I put the word out and RSVPs started coming....and they kept coming in....and they kept on coming. Next thing you know, I have over 200 RSVPs. It was a testament to not only how many people loved my mom, but also how many lives my mom impacted.

I had never planned an event this big. I'd like to say I got my "skills" from my mom. She was always the planner in the family, whether it was planning a big music video party for me or a family reunion. She loved being with friends and bringing people together, and even now that she's gone, she's still managing to bring people together.

I want to thank everybody who came to the celebration. I didn't get to talk to everyone (nor did I get to eat until everyone left), but I really appreciate everyone's attendance and everyone's love and support for my family and I. 

Jennie Jaturapatporn

Mindy Sato

Jonathan Yuen

Nate Pok
Ricky Salazar

Meeghan and dad

Meeghan and Sofia Klof

(L-R) Salta Desantiago (Mrs. Asia USA 2011), Meeghan, Veeghan, Arlene Serna (Miss Teen Latina Global 2012), Rafaela Diaz (Miss Latina Global 2012)

Meeghan and friends

Meeghan and Jennie Jaturapatporn

Meeghan and Veeghan

Meeghan and James Epstein

(L-R, in relation to Meeghan) Hendry Djie (Father), Jerome Pratiknjo (Uncle), Hadi Pratiknjo (Grandfather), Meeghan, Veeghan Tirtasaputra (Sister), Douglas Burton (Step-father)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

My New Normal

Endang Pratiknjo
8.14.1966 - 9.10.2013

It still feels like a dream sometimes. It still feels like she's just on vacation. It still feels like she's gonna walk through that door any moment now. But then I wake up  go home  realize that she's not here and she's not coming.

She was a businesswoman, a friend, a wife, a mother, my mother, my momager, but most importantly, she was my best friend. We would have our little mother-daughter days and go see movies, eat, and talk about school and boys, and I told her everything going on in my life. We'd get her Starbucks coffee, which she needed every single day: tall and black with room for cream. She wold accompany me on my trips to Hollywood. She would take pictures and videos of my performances, and then I would get mad because she was so shaky with her videos or she didn't take the picture the right way...and of course it mattered because I always wanted to have a great Instagram photo. We would fight about my outfits because wanted me to look like a little kid and I wanted to look like a grown woman. And I would get so frustrated and mad because she would call me and text me constantly and then get mad when I didn't reply her texts within the half hour or didn't pick up her excessive phone calls. But there isn't a day that goes by now when I wish she texted me and called me constantly - even when she was downstairs and I was upstairs-, when I wish she would tell me what to wear, or when I wish she would take really bad photos of me.

I definitely thought I would be planning a wedding with her before I planned a memorial for her. We had always said that when I get married, she would be living right next door. Of course, I would always object and say she had to live a minimum of a block away. And when I had kids, she said she would come babysit, she would be their agent, and she would do my family's taxes. But plans never really work out the way they're supposed to...All I know is that I plan on going through with all the plans we made together in school and in my career...and in my love life. She was an aggressive, ambitious, intelligent, and beautiful woman, and I hope to become at least half the woman she was. I know that she will be with me every step of the way to help me and guide me, and I will do everything in my power to make our dreams come true.