Friday, November 15, 2013

The Perfect Time of Year

*Listen to The Christmas Song by Michael Buble in the video provided while reading the blog*

Everyone always asks me why winter is my favorite time of year. Well, there are many wonderful, wonderful reasons :)

1. Christmas songs!
Doesn't listening to this song just make you feel so...cozy? It relaxes me and makes me feel so warm and happy. I can't help but smile when I hear Christmas music. I just wanna snuggle up in a blanket by a crackling fire and drink hot cocoa....with a guy....and a dog....preferably. Haha.

2. Sweater weather - Brrrrrrr :)
Winter clothes are my favorite! Dressing all warm with scarves, boots, cute sweaters, beanies, and leggings with knee-high socks...just thinking about it makes me so happy. Unfortunately, living in SoCal this year doesn't give me many opportunities to wear the endless possibilities of outfits I could put together with what I have. It sucks cuz I did so much winter shopping earlier this year, too :( Soon, though. The time will come.

3. Cuddle time
If you have a special someone, this weather is a perfect excuse to cuddle. It's cold, gloomy, dark - it all makes you lazy and want to stay in bed longer, which then leads to some cuddling time! Haha. Gets you closer to each other ;)

4. Holidays
Who doesn't love a day off? Or maybe a week? Or maybe a couple of weeks?! I know I do. I can finally take a break from the stress of school and having so many responsibilities with due dates and tests. And I can really spend time with family and friends. It's the best!

5. Holiday parties!! <3
I don't know about you, but I love dressing up for a special occasion and going out to celebrate some fun times. I mean, I guess you can do that on the weekends, but holiday parties are classy and themed, and you can wear heels and a nice dress. And there's just more joy in the air.

6. Presents, of course!
Christmas, Hannukah - you usually get presents during this time of year. Lol. And who doesn't love getting presents? Of course, I love giving presents, too. Actually, my favorite part about presents is wrapping them. I'm getting better at it! They actually look decent. However, if I fail miserably, I resort to just putting it in a bag and putting tissue paper over it. That always does the trick.

7. Disneyland during Christmastime!
Ok, some of you may think I'm a little crazy for thinking this, but Disneyland is so cute and romantic during Christmastime! It's decorated so perfectly and, already being the happiest place on earth, it turns into an even more wonderful, spectacular, magical place on earth. I think I've only gone once during Christmastime, but we didn't stay until night, and I think that's the best time. You can sit on the end of Main St in front of the castle and watch the fireworks as fake snowflakes fall on you. It sounds like the most perfect date night....or date day. No guy understands why I, or a lot of other girls, feel this way about Disneyland....I just do. Maybe one day I'll find someone who does and who will take me :)

8. SALE!!!
The four letter word that's better than love: SALE. Lol. Jk. That's a little extreme, but I love my holiday sales. Such good deals at all my favorite stores, and a lot of winter-themed pieces that I fall in love with and save for next year if I don't get a chance to wear this year. There are some good deals on summer clothes, too, if the store is still trying to get rid of their summer clothes. Don't forget Black Friday, either! Best sales of the year!

9. Starting over
When the new year comes along, you get to start over. You get another chance at making a goal and pursuing it in the coming year. I start off the new year with a goal of being happy and staying true to who I am. So far, it's worked out pretty well for me :) This year, though, in addition to those two goals, I'm going to add "Make my mom proud." I know she's proud of me already and always will be, but I want to make our dreams come true and really make her proud of me. It's my chance to start over in 2014, and I can't wait!


My favorite time of year in a nutshell <3