Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Valentine's Doom

Time is just flying by! It's almost the end of January, which means this is the last week of my winter school session and my spring semester starts next week....and it also means the Valentine's Day decorations and candy will be coming out HARD CORE.

Don't get me wrong (no pun intended), I love Valentine's Day as much as the next girl, but only when I actually have a valentine to share it with. Or else it just becomes singles awareness day and we've all been there and we all know how much it sucks - you just sit at home and watch romantic comedies, wishing your life was one, while stuffing your face with some cookies and cream Dreyer's ice cream. So not ideal.

And as much as I love that it's all about the color pink and chocolate and roses and mushy gushy love, don't you ever think that a guy should treat a girl like this everyday? I mean, ok, it's a little over the top to be giving flowers and chocolate to a girl everyday, but I just mean it's pretty lame that it takes a guy a day to be named a holiday for him to get his favorite girl something special, ie Valentine's Day, anniversaries, birthdays, winter holidays, etc. I always think it's sweet when a guy gets a girl a small gift or flowers to surprise her with for no reason. It's the sweetest gesture to show that he was thinking of her :) 

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut because men don't think as intricately or as romantically as women do, they will probably only go all out (or just out, if they're frugal) on the days that are necessary. If I could have the perfect Valentine's Day, it would be something like....

Step 1.
Prince Charming comes to the door with a single red (or pink) rose in his hand and knocks or rings the doorbell.

Step 2.
Prince Charming compliments me on my perfect outfit that's sweet and casual, using the words "beautiful" or "gorgeous."

Step 3.
Prince Charming opens the car door for me.

Step 4.
Prince Charming takes me to a cute little pizza parlor on the beach or near the beach and we share the pizza while watching the sun set outside the window next to us.

Step 5. 
Prince Charming takes me on a long walk on the beach under the moon while holding my hand and possibly letting me wear his jacket.

Step 6. (optional)
Prince Charming presents me with a little present! (Ex. necklace, charm bracelet (or charm to add to the already existing charm bracelet), earrings)

Step 7, 8, 9.
Prince Charming drives me home, walks me to my door, and gives me a kiss at the door.

*insert a longing sigh*

I basically just gave every guy in the world the way to my heart. That's probably not a great thing, but I'm pretty sure it's never gonna happen anyways. Lol. Just a dream. If this ever happens in this exact fashion, though, I'll know they cheated.

Am I being too girly right now? Going off on a tangent because I'm fantasizing of my non-existent Prince Charming? Should I just give up now?......I DON'T THINK SO. Freakin' Valentine's Day - it has so much power. Look at me - dedicating an entire blog post to it! I would think I'm literally crazy because I'm making such a big deal out of it if it wasn't for the main stream world that makes it such a big deal every single year and puts out Valentine's stuff right after New Years is over and done with. Ridiculous. Just make us all feel bad after we've made our resolutions to lose weight and not be single this new year. Lol. Am I right or am I right? I'm right. 

......Pretty sure if I had a boyfriend in my life right now, this blog would be completely different. 

But for now, I'll just continue being my own knight in shining armor because I'm the best person for that job and no one knows me better than I do :)


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  1. You're single and available!!??? NOoooo!!! REALLY!!???? :P