Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Mother's Day Tradition

My mom was never the kind of person who indulged in anything for herself. She was always practical about her money and how it was spent - usually, she would spend it on me and my career - and she used everything she had until it couldn't be used anymore.

Two things that she wore through the quickest were purses and shoes. She would use the same purse everyday that carried her blackberry, her wallet, her iPad, her calendar, and a whole bunch of other stuff that always made it super heavy. And then when she got herself a new purse to replace it, it wouldn't even be anything cute - just practical and plain. Same goes for her shoes. She would wear them for days on end until the liner on the shoe started sticking to her foot instead of the shoe itself and there was obvious wear and tear. So I took it upon myself to help her out with these...issues, and it became tradition that I got her either a purse or shoes for Mother's Day, her birthday, and Christmas.

But wait - there's another tradition. Every gift-giving event, I would give her her present and once she opened it and said she loved it, she would immediately ask me where I got it from, when I got it, and how much it was....and then WHY I got it after knowing how much it cost. Last Mother's Day, I got her a really nice BCBG purse because she had already started wearing out the really cute Coach purse I got her the Mother's Day before THAT. And both times - actually, EVERY time - we would get into this silly argument because I wouldn't tell her anything she wanted to know....and then every time, we would laugh about it afterwards. I mean, who cares where I got it, when I got it, or how much it was. It was always worth it seeing her reaction and her smile, knowing that I made it appear.

This will be my first Mother's Day without my mom, and it really sucks. I knew it wouldn't be easy, but I didn't know it would be this hard.

I came up with this idea that I should continue our tradition: get a nice purse or a cute pair of shoes (she preferred boots with a one-inch-or-so heel), starting with Mother's Day. I would get the purse for me, but in honor of her. Besides, the purses would always end up mine in the end anyways because once she got a new purse, she would give me her old one. Lol. So I went to the mall today thinking it would be fun and easy, a mistake I so unknowingly made. There were Mother's Day sales everywhere and I was completely overwhelmed. I tried to shop, but I lost the spirit and I got out of there as soon as I could.

I just wanted to relive those good days, but it's never as easy as it seems. But I still like the idea, so I'll try again this weekend :)

For those of you who do have your moms in your lives, make sure you do something nice for her this Mother's Day. You'll never know when it'll be the last so you should always make it count. The comfort I get in this holiday is that I always tried to make it count....and I know I did because she loved her gifts and used them constantly. I wish I could do it again just to see her smile and then get mad at me and laugh with me one more time.

Moms are amazing. Remind her how amazing she is this weekend even if it's just with flowers and a card :)

(Mother's Day 2012)

(Mother's Day 2013)